"Barkley Pearl" Loadout onto HLV "Falcon"

Barkly Pearl Loadout

On the 8th of January 2021 AOS successfully loaded the Livestock Carrier “Barkly Pearl” onto the Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) “Falcon”.

Two months earlier the “Barkly Pearl” ran into trouble off the North West coast of Western Australia when a side plate was torn of the side of the ship in heavy seas.

The ship was ordered into the Port of Geraldton by AMSA so an inspection and investigation into the incident could take place.

After 3 weeks of attempts to repair the hole it was decided to call in a HLV and dry tow the ship back to Batam.

The “Barkly Pearl” was steamed to Pelsaert Island which is in the Southern Group of islands of the Abrolhos islands where the “Falcon” was waiting in 33m of water and at a draft of 15.5m (5m of water over her deck).

The first attempt to load the “Barkly Pearl” was aborted due to strong easterly winds (35-40kts).

4 days later the Batavia coast produced perfect conditions for the float-over.

The Bhagwan tugs “Harriette” and “George” were utilised to assist.

The operation went smoothly and according to the plan.

Once the “Barkly Pearl” was onboard HLV “Falcon” it took 6 hours for the “Falcon” to de-ballast to her transit draft.

After 2 days of sea fastening the “Falcon” departed the “Abrolhos Islands”.

Capt. Glenn Frewin
General Manager –  Special Marine Services,
Australian Offshore Solutions