James Wallam, AOS Indigenous TIR

Indigenous Trainee Programmes

Australian Offshore Solutions (AOS) in collaboration with Aboriginal Management and Logistics (AML) is currently implementing Indigenous specific trainee programmes for Deck Cadets, Engineer Cadets and Integrated Ratings.  The training framework includes theoretical training, associated support courses and sea time required to obtain their relevant AMSA Certificate of Competency, which will enable our candidates to sail as a fully qualified part of a vessel complement.

Comprehensive theoretical training is conducted in a structured environment by our highly recognized RTO. All practical components are delivered with a flexible, hands on approach with holistic wrap around support from AML mentors. In addition to completing their necessary time in college, the trainees are given access to the various vessels manned by AOS along with the highly skilled and experienced seafarers on board, who will share their experience during their sea time.

James Wallam (pictured above), Indigenous TIR is part of this Training Programme and is due to mobilise to his first offshore vessel shortly. We are wishing him well on his first swing with many more to come.

AOS is committed to continually providing opportunities for the development of Australian seafarers, including Indigenous Australian seafarers to support current offshore projects as well as the wider maritime industry.